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Solar Panel System For Your Home
Solar Panel System For Your Home


At Fair value, we offer a variety of high quality solar panel systems to help you reduce your electricity costs, lock in energy rates, reduce emissions and help the environment. We make it very simple, from your initial enquiry through to the installation of the system. Our trained and professional staff take care of every part of your project installing your system to the highest standards.

There are number of factors that can influence your savings, such as location, system size, utility rates, weather and shade, however the overarching principle is the same: the more solar energy you produce, the less electricity you will have to buy from the utility company

Contact us today for the highest power outputs, most efficient products, best quality standards, longest warranties and best possible customer service, so your home can start getting benefits from solar power.

Solar Packages
2 KW Solar System
  • 8x 250 W Panels.
  • 2 kW/ 3 kW Grid Connect Inverter
  • 13 m2 roof space required.
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3 KW Solar System
  • 12x 250 W Panels.
  • 3 kW Grid Connect Inverter.
  • 20 m2 roof space required.
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4 KW Solar System
  • 16x 250 W Panels.
  • 4 kW Grid Connect Inverter.
  • 26 m2 roof space required.
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5 KW Solar System
  • 20x 250 W Panels.
  • 5 kW Grid Connect Inverter.
  • 33 m2 roof space required.
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6 KW Solar System
  • 24x 250 W Panels.
  • 5 kW Grid Connect Inverter.
  • 40 m2 roof space required.
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10 KW Solar System
  • 40x 250 W Panels.
  • 10 kW Grid Connect Inverter.
  • 66 m2 roof space required.
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Why Choose Us

You want to have solar systems guaranteed and fitted by trained professionals. At Fair Value Solar, we use quality products, and all staff is trained, qualified professionals, and one of the best in the solar industry. Contact us today on 1300 324 776(1300 FAIRSOLAR) to discuss it further.

Premium Quality  Products
Premium Quality Products

We only use Tier 1 Solar Panels that have a 25-year Panel Performance warranty and 10-year Panel Product warranty.

Quality  Installation
Quality Installation

All of our Installers are CEC accredited and are fully insured.

Flawless Process
Flawless Process

We provide an easy start to finish solution, from initial enquiry to installation of your solar system.

Post Installation Service
Post Installation Service

Our services don’t stop after purchase, we offer after sales service as well.


Fair Value Solar uses high-quality Solar Panels with a 25-years performance warranty. We guarantee high-quality installation with our CEC accredited installers.

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Fair Value Solar is an all-in-one full-service solar energy provider. Our team will take care of every part of your project. From initial inquiry to the installations of the systems, everything is handled by our trained professional staff and we make processes very easy and convenient for the customers.

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