3 KW Solar Panel System 3 KW Solar Panel System
3 KW Solar Panel System
3 KW Solar Panel System
  • 12x 250 W Panels.
  • 3 kW Grid Connect Inverter.
  • 20 m2 roof space required.
  • 25-years performance warranty on solar panels.
  • 5-years standard warranty on inverters. Extended warranty available on selected inverters.
  • Full installation by CEC accredited electricians.
  • 10-years workmanship warranty available.

The planet’s hottest and sunniest continent is an obvious choice for an investment in solar panel system. 2kW solar system is a great option for a smaller household (Couples, Small Families, Retired Couples etc.) in Melbourne, Victoria, who have consumption relatively low below 3,500 kWh mark per year.

Whether or not you need a 2kW solar system will depend on many things like energy bill, electricity usage during daylight hours, orientation of your roof etc.

Our consultant will help you to understand your power consumption and usage better and will provide you with the best possible solution. Making sure you have an in depth understanding of what you can expect the system to produce on an average day. Feel free to contact our consultants at 1300 324 776.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost? We only sell Quality Solar power systems in Melbourne, Victoria!

How many panels does 3kw solar system have?

How much power does 3kw system generate?

How long before a 3kW solar system pays for itself?

Returns on investment on 3kW solar panel system

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